San Diego

For years Dove has been wanting to travel on a plane and for years I have promised Dove that take her on one. I am now in a position where I can travel with her. We just got back from San Diego. I chose San Diego because I wanted her first flight to be quick. This is how it went.

The hotel I chose was in Old Town, a historic area of San Diego. Old Town San Diego is called the birthplace of California because in 1769 Father Junipero Serra, along with a group of Spanish soldiers, established the first permanent European settlements in California. It is a tourist area but I didn’t care. I enjoyed the museums and learning about the history of the area. Some of the museums were free. There is a free museum where we learned about the first newspaper of San Diego and how the printing press worked and then there was one about stagecoaches and mail delivery. We also toured the Whaley house (paid museum tour) which is “The most haunted house in the world”. It was built on land that was used for executions, one being that of the famous hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson. Yankee Jim as he was locally known was found guilty of grand larceny. The house itself belonged to Thomas Whaley. Thomas Whaley moved to San Francisco from New York where he lost his business in the 1858 historic San Francisco fire. The first death in the Whaley house was that of their 18-month-old son who died from Scarlett fever. Later their daughter Violet died by suicide because of a failed marriage. Thomas, his wife Anna, and the rest of the children lived out their lives and died in the house. I’m sad to report that there was no paranormal activity when we visited.

We also went to Sea World. The line to get in was long but luckily it moved somewhat fast. It looked like it was gonna take at least an hour to get it but it only took 30 minutes. We visited the Garra Rufa pool (the fish that eat dead skin) first. They vibrate their jaw to work off the dead skin and bacteria for them to eat. It felt really cool and kind of tickles. Next, I rode the new ride the Emporer. There was NO line (lucky me). I rode in the back because the back goes the fastest. I wouldn’t recommend this if you want to experience the dangle because when the ride got to the part where it dangles before the drop, it just seems like you are stopped at the top. The drop was somewhat long though and fun. Other than that I would say Emporer is fun but only OK. Next, I took Dove on Manta. Dove is facing her fears of roller coasters and I am so proud of her. This is a great midsize coaster with no drops. It does go quite fast though. She did not like it at first which I could tell by her uncomfortable scream in the beginning. But, as the ride continued she said she liked it and we went on a second time. I thought Manta was more fun than Emporer. But then again maybe I just need to experience the dangling from the front row.

The hotel we stayed at had a pool and Dove learned to swim. I wouldn’t call her a strong swimmer but at least she was able to go from one side of the pool to the other. All in all it was a good first trip. I didn’t get to drink my margaritas the way that I wanted to but that’s ok I still had some. I would definitely recommend going to Old Town if you are into history and don’t mind it being a tourist attraction.

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  1. You continue to amaze me with your desire to win 🏅 and you’re winning being best mom & best mentor she could ever have. Your positivity & thirst for learning learning and more learning sooooo glad 😀 to call you my bestie forever… always keeping faith & hope never 👎🏾 give up 🔝 just more reasons I adore 🥰 you.

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