Hallowed halls of academia

I’m kind of stuck on how to start this so I guess I will just into it. I’ve decided to become a teacher. I guess you could say fate has landed me here. I honestly never thought I would enjoy hanging around middle schoolers but here I am, on my way to becoming a middle school math teacher. I’m really enjoying the process finally especially since I’m seeing some results. I’ve always hated that saying “enjoy the process.” I think a better cliche would be “enjoy the crisis.” A lot of what I’m learning is about being a no-nonsense nurturer, building life-altering relationships with students as well as restorative relationships because let’s face it, student-teacher relationships can get hard. I really like the idea of mentoring students and having a positive impact on someone’s life. I still plan on coding and building projects because well, it’s fun for me. I also still plan on learning higher-level maths because It is also fun for me. Probably more fun than coding because I can get into my head more. I’m currently studying for the multiple subject CSET and will enroll in a credentialing program once I’ve passed all 3. How lucky does one have to be to enjoy what they do and have awesome co-workers even if we all don’t have the same beliefs. As I have said in previous posts, I want to do something meaningful, and what could be more meaningful than empowering the next generation? So now begins the documentation of my teaching career, WOW, I’m finally here!

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