As x approaches infinity

In my last post, I talked about how I wanted to do something that would feel meaningful as a career. I didn’t just want to work for some big company staring at a codebase all day and looking for bugs. I thought about maybe getting into robotics but didn’t really start going that route, (though I may tinker with it in my spare time). I still want to program and make things because it is fun for me but at this moment I am thinking about a different route for a career. I started this website to showcase my programming but now I think it is just going to be a regular website about me and my life’s journey.

Maybe as I document my life, someone, somewhere will benefit from what I have to say. Maybe my blog will someday have some substance and information that is helpful for someone. I’m not sure how it will evolve at this moment but for now, it is going to be just my online rambling. Heck, it might always be that in some respect but as I learn, about life, gain new skills, and things like that I want to be able to share my knowledge with the world or at least whoever may happen to stumble onto my blog. Ever since I graduated in August 2019 things have slowed down for me but now 2 and a halfyears later I think things might start to pick up. I’m excited to be busy again because I don’t like wasting time, especially being a mom, I have so much at stake. I’m excited to be taking Calculus this semester and for my little tutoring gig. Can’t wait to learn, teach and grow as an individual and professional.

One thought on “As x approaches infinity

  1. You make me smile when I read your blogs. Your drive for success never goes away; sometimes it’s life deals us some blows in which it’s necessary to roll with the punches.
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