Tik Tok On the clock

It has been a minute since my last post. The reason for that being is that a lot has changed. The direction that I want to go has changed. I’ve decided to go back to school full time and pursue a second degree. I’m actually pretty excited about my new journey and although I wish I never got my first degree (Ethnic Studies) I try to remind myself that my daughter wouldn’t be in the great school that she is in currently….(it’s a long story…) if it weren’t for that degree. I have also decided to focus more on learning C++ instead of Java. I still want to do Android Development as a side project but I honestly think I’m more interested in Embedded software or systems(which is done in C I know). Making Apps is still really fun but I would like to get into Robotics or something similar. The reason for this being is that I would like to one day be a apart of a company that is helping to make lives easier for people. I also just like C++ better than Java and find it easier to understand and code. One really cool thing that happened was that I applied to a Tik Tok internship and they actually asked me to test. I honestly just did this on a whim with the expectation of having my application getting passed over. I knew I wasn’t ready and wouldn’t pass but I decided to test anyway just to get over my fear of the algorithm test and to see what it is like. As expected I did horrible but now I know what to expect and will reapply next year which by then I should know how to solve algorithms better. For now I will just focus on school, keep building some C++ projects to keep my GitHub as lit up as possible as well as showcase my work, and practice my algorithm skills on HackerRank. Also, I have an embedded software C++ course from Udemy that I’m itching to check out. So much to do and so little time.

One thought on “Tik Tok On the clock

  1. I’m always so proud 🥲as well encouraged by your lion 🦁 spirit to stick with your goals and fight through any/ all challenges plus setbacks. That never 👎🏾 quit never give up spirit is what propels athletes to succeed and no doubt success will rain 🌧 on you. Always so proud 🥲 to have you as a friend. You’re a winner!!’


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