Intro to Computer Programming

The technical interview. The dreaded technical interview. There’s no way around it (at least not that I know of) if you want to get a job as a software engineer of any sort! So with that being said I decided to take a few classes to help me tackle mastering the algorithm. Of course there are free resources out there that can help teach you but for me personally, the classroom setting works best. I like that I can get feedback via grades. This lets me know If I’m understanding the material. I know that someone will look at my work and be able to give me feedback. I’m also gaining experience in stuff that I never hear online software engineers talk about, for example, the design document. Well I’ve heard one person mention it but they never mentioned it again. They did however say that knowing how to write a good one was a very important skill to have. Everyone has tutorials on how to build stuff but no one talks about the other aspects of the job. From my understanding you don’t even spend that much time creating your own code when you have a job as a software engineer. You’re more likely to be going over someone else’s code and maintaining it. This is something that is lacking in the online teaching community. There’s a mental aspect that happens before you even start writing your code. There are steps that are taken before you open your IDE. There’s never any mention of design tools such as hierarchy charts, flowcharts and psuedocode to create a model of the program.

The flowchart is suppose to be a diagram that shows the logical flow of a program and is useful for planning each operation a program performs and in which order. A hierarchy chart begins with the overall task and then refines it into smaller sub task and those sub tasks are refined into even smaller tasks and so on as need be. I could be wrong about this but wouldn’t it be nice to go into a job with some familiarity of these things? Also I wouldn’t have known about any of these tools if I hadn’t taken this class. Even though this class is in C++ and I plan to do my interview in Java (seeing as to how I want to be an Android developer and you get to choose what language you want to do your interview in) C++ and Java are somewhat similar as well as It’s supposedly easier to learn to Java if you already know C or C++. My reason for using Java and not Kotlin for my interview language of choice is because the book “Cracking the interview Code” is written for Java and It’s supposedly a really good book to help mater those technical interview.

And one quick word about bootcamps…..they don’t teach you how to perform algorithms….I’ve heard several YouTube software engineer tutorials page say this. So if you’re considering a bootcamp…..Community College is cheaper…..

3 thoughts on “Intro to Computer Programming

  1. It’s enlightening to learn how you compose your technological skills and understanding of the information networks.


  2. Recently heard on radio community colleges will continue holding most classes online in 2021. Maybe 2022 as this pandemic 😷 becomes more understanding to medical professionals classroom learning will get be better!


    1. I should have been more clear….I meant YouTube online teachers. I’m actually really enjoying the way my teacher from Peralta has his class set up. He seems to be very forgiving with offering multiple chances so submit quizzes and assignments and will only accept the highest grade. College should he like that in general.


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