So my new computer is here and WOW! I am so happy I returned that refurbished piece of junk and got my beautiful Lenovo. I’m going to go into the specs momentarily but first let me tell you which one I bought. I bought the 2021 Lenovo IdeaPad and I’m honestly in love. I’m in love for a few reasons. Being the hardware nerd that I am I’m excited about the deal that I got. It was a little under 1K for a Ryzen 7 4700U 8-Core Processor, 20 GB RAM and 512 GB PCIe SSD. I wanted a Ryzen because I didn’t want to worry about HAXM for Android Studio. Silly I know because It’s not like it’s that much extra configuration but what can I say. I’m lazy. However, Its a good thing I decided to go with Ryzen 7 over intel 7 for reasons that I am about to get into.

Ryzen 7 has double the amount of threads to cores. Ryzen has 8/16 whereas Intel has 8/8. The reason this matters to me is because the more cores your CPU has the more programs you can run at once. Being someone who has Android Studio, plus the emulator, plus YouTube, …(you get the idea)….running, I wanted something that wouldn’t crash or be slow. Clock Speed however goes to intel with its 4.4GHZ/4.5GHz as oppose to Ryzen 7’s 3.6GHz/3.9GHz. I think this might only be meaningful if you are a gamer though. Which I am not so, this doesn’t matter too much to me. Ryzen 7 has a bigger cache memory size and therefore most frequently used commands can be loaded faster. I think most importantly for me though is the multitasking capabilities in which case Ryzen has intel beat. What the heck is a PCIe SSD? Well I knew SSD meant Solid Sate Drive but I had to google PCIe. Come to find out it stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. Without getting too technical, it basically makes the data transfer between a server and storage faster. With a display screen at 17.3 inches, it is bigger than I expected. However it isn’t bothering me and it even prompted me to buy a new desk. With a new desk comes a new massage gaming chair but who’s boasting?

Happy Friday and Cheers to the weekend ❤

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