Google Fuchsia and the black screen of death!

Google has finally released its new operating system “Fuchsia” starting with their Nest Hub device. Nest Hub partners with companies such as Netflix, Sling, Hulu and Disney+, Pandora, even Apple Music and more. I guess you could think of it as their version of Amazon’s Echo but with a display that is not only voice controlled but motion controlled too. According to Google they have a 5 year plan to completely replace the Android operating system which runs on Linux Cast OS. I’m not going to lie when I first read this I kind of panicked. I wondered what the future of Android developers would be. Because if you go to the The languages that are supported are C/C++, Dart, Python, FIDL, Go and Rust. I began to question if I was wasting my time trying to learn Kotlin. Should I switch to trying to develop using Flutter and learning Dart?

After stressing myself out and going through analysis paralysis, I came to the conclusion that No, I was not wasting my time. Android Studio is pretty well established and It would be kind of a wasted investment for Google to just abandon it abruptly. Technology just doesn’t move that quickly and to prove my point, Mac still operates under python 2.7. Feeling better and more grounded about the situation, I’ve been continuing my pursuit to learn Kotlin syntax. I’ve especially been practicing my Kotlin as I wait for my refund for a refurbished computer I bought off of Amazon to get returned to me.

I usually never buy refurbished because I’ve always had bad luck with them. However, I wasn’t paying attention and click, made the purchase. I considered returning it right away but then on second thought, would give Amazon renewed a chance. Well at first it didn’t charge to 100% but it did charge to 99 and I thought well maybe I shouldn’t be so nit picky. I also noticed the mouse would select stuff without me clicking anything and then also it just plain wouldn’t update. Eventually the screen went black and I panicked. I quickly called customer service who was only vaguely helpful in helping me reset the computer back to factory settings. I ended up just figuring it out by myself in the end. But as soon as my refund is on its way I will be ordering a brand new laptop to work on my Women’s healthApp. I should also have some future info on a Hackathon I entered. I was going to do it solo but will try to work on a team again since when you’re programming you’re working on a team and I want to demonstrate to future employers that I am a team player. Happy Friday *cheers<3

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